How it works

Hire moving boxes

Call, email or message us to book your package and arrange a free delivery within the Wakatipu Basin

Pack up your home, hitch up the trailer and move in your own time. You have a week to pack, move and unpack the crates

Once you're finished, empty, clean and stack the crates into the trailer and we'll swing by your new house to pick them up

Give us a call, email, text or Facebook message with your preferred package and dates and we’ll send you a confirmation email with all the details


To keep life simple, we have two packages; you can hire our reusable crates with or without a trailer. Each package is available for up to a week at a time and we will deliver and collect from within the Wakatipu basin for no extra charge.

Number of times cardboard can be recycled before sent to landfill.
Number or car trips saved, per move, by using our trailer
Number of times our crates can be used before being recycled


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