Terms and Conditions

1.0 Rental of Hired Goods

1.1 The Delivery details and Rental Term is the terms described in the confirmation email

1.2 The Rental Term begins from the date the CUSTOMER receives the Hire Goods (Boxes and or trailer) until the day the Hire Goods picked up from the CUSTOMER by Queenstown Boxes (“QUEENSTOWN BOXES”).

1.3 The CUSTOMER takes Possession of the Hire Goods once the Hire Goods are delivered to the CUSTOMER .

1.4 If the Rental Period is to be extended beyond the initial hire period additional charges will apply (see also clause 8.2 below).

1.5 QUEENSTOWN BOXES do not guarantee that the Hire Goods are waterproof.

1.6 QUEENSTOWN BOXES will not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever whether suffered or incurred to QUEENSTOWN BOXES or third parties whether such loss or damage arises directly or indirectly from the hire of the Hire Goods.

2.0 Bond

2.1 QUEENSTOWN BOXES. May require a Bond to be paid in advance for any Hire Goods 

2.2 If a Bond is required this is payable at the time the CUSTOMER makes payment to QUEENSTOWN BOXES for the Hire Goods.

2.3 The Bond is refundable upon return of the Hire Goods in good usable condition 

2.4 The bond will be refunded to the CUSTOMER on return of the Hire Goods to QUEENSTOWN BOXES provided the Hire Goods are returned to QUEENSTOWN BOXES in accordance with clause 8.0.

2.5 The CUSTOMER agrees that QUEENSTOWN BOXES is entitled to deduct any Cancellation Fee, Product Replacement Charge and/or any other charge or fee incurred by the CUSTOMER from that CUSTOMER’s bond prior to any refund of the bond being made to the customer.

2.6 In any event where a CUSTOMER bond isn’t requested or is insufficient to cover any other charge or fee incurred by the CUSTOMER , the CUSTOMER is bound to pay the balance due to QUEENSTOWN BOXES within 7 working days of an invoice being issued.

  1. Customer Obligations

3.1 Upon taking Possession of Hired Goods, the CUSTOMER agrees to maintain the Hire Goods in good usable condition

3.2 The CUSTOMER is responsible for all theft, damage and/or loss, of or caused to the Hire Goods whilst the Hire Goods are in the CUSTOMER possession.

3.3 The trailer will not be used for the carriage of persons.

3.4 The CUSTOMER will observe and comply with all statutes, regulations and other requirements governing the use of the trailer and warrants that they holds a current driver’s licence.

3.5 The CUSTOMER agrees that the Hire Goods will at all times while it is being hired remain in his/her possession and shall be securely stored at his/her premises while not in use.

3.6 It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the trailer is connected correctly to towing vehicle

3.7 The CUSTOMER agrees to not overload the trailer above it’s safe working weight as indicated on the trailer.

Note: the CUSTOMER is urged to make sure that his own vehicle is properly and fully insured, along with the trailer while connected and that he is personally insured against all claims that may be made against them involving the trailer. QUEENSTOWN BOXES will not be responsible for any damages caused by, or involving the trailer or other hired items whatsoever

4.0 Payment

4.1 Payment can be made by:

  • Direct bank transfer
  • Cash on delivery (by prior arrangement)

4.2 QUEENSTOWN BOXES will NOT accept payment by way of cheque.

5.0 Delivery of Hire Goods 

5.1 Upon delivery of the Hire Goods to the CUSTOMER , the CUSTOMER is required to examine the Hired Goods and acknowledge that the Hired Goods are received in good usable condition and that the Hired Goods are suitable for their intended use.

5.2 Free delivery is available within 25km of Frankton, Queenstown. Delivery outside this region will be subject to a delivery charge, as outlined in the confirmation email.

6.0 Cancellation

6.1 The CUSTOMER may cancel their order at any time free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the designated date of delivery.

6.2 Any cancellation made later than 24 hours prior to the designated date of delivery may be charged a Cancellation Fee of $45.

6.3 If the Hire Good are not collected on the first day of the Hire Term, the order will be deemed to have been cancelled and a Cancellation fee of $45 will be charged.

6.4 If there is no one to meet the delivery at the agreed upon time, the order will be deemed to have been cancelled and a Cancellation fee of $45 will be charged.

7.0 Return of Hired Goods

7.1 All Hire Goods must be returned to QUEENSTOWN BOXES within the hire period allowed.

7.2 If the CUSTOMER wishes to extend the Rental Period the customer must contact QUEENSTOWN BOXES to arrange an extension of the Rental Period which may be subject to availability and additional charges (see also clause 1.4 above).

7.3 All Hire Goods MUST be returned to QUEENSTOWN BOXES in good usable condition (reasonable wear and tear is accepted) 

7.4 If any Hire Good are returned broken, cracked, excessively marked, has any labels attached, has excessive soiling or spilled substances, and/or is damaged in any other way it will be deemed to have been returned to QUEENSTOWN BOXES in other than good useable condition.

7.5 The CUSTOMER will be responsible for payment of a cleaning charge of $5.00 per crate for any Hire Good not returned in a clean and useable condition.

7.6 A Product Replacement Charge of $50+ gst will be charged for every crate not returned at the end of the hire period or returned in such a condition that it cannot be returned to a good useable condition

7.7 The CUSTOMER agrees that all damage repairs will be repaired by QUEENSTOWN BOXES or an agent of QUEENSTOWN BOXES and be billed directly to the Customer. No repairs are to be done to the trailer unless the Customer has written approval from QUEENSTOWN BOXES

7.8 The CUSTOMER acknowledges the trailer is not insured by QUEENSTON BOXES and agrees to pay for any damage incurred during the period 

8.0 Price

9.1 All prices include Goods and Services Tax (GST) and are stated in New Zealand dollars (NZ$)